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Our team


Nerma Albertorio

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Nerma has more than 15 years of experience in the development and execution of programs for the development of entrepreneurs. Her experience includes identifying business opportunities, business and marketing plans development and creation for various industries and nonprofit organizations.


Milanie Rodríguez

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Keeping the Financial Records up to date, preparing monthly reports and reconciling bank statements are Milanie’s expertise. Utilizing diverse accounting programs to process business transactions, ultimately she makes sure that the day to day accounting functions run smoothly.


Jorge Muñiz

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Jorge is the Executive Director of One Hundred Ventures. Lawyer, Accountant and Notary; he has years of experience in the development and registration of businesses, analyzing its legal and financial aspects. Another area he has managed in companies is in the area of Human Resources; helping them not only to grow the company, but their team as well.


Gustavo Colón

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Gustavo is an Accountant and Analyst. In charge of supervising and reviewing the work of other accountants in the firm, as well as responsible for over 15 individual accounts. My tasks include: bookkeeping, quarterly reports, payroll processing, arranging payments to agencies, tax planification, and other related services.


Gonzalo Mena

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Gonzalo specialized in the area of Digital Marketing and New Business Development. He is also Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This combination of experiences allows him to work and support both companies that are starting out and pursue their breakeven point, or those who are already established and seek to reach a new level, even internationalizing their business.

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